Hotel restaurant Le Touquet, push the doors of the Holiday Inn Resort Le Touquet

There is no shortage of good addresses in a city as prestigious as Le Touquet. But for a pleasant surprise, a table with contemporary accents and in a room that is both modern and bright, the Holiday Inn Le Touquet hotel restaurant is a sure bet.

Hotel restaurant in Le Touquet, the Holiday Inn with eyes closed

The Holiday Inn hotel restaurant Le Touquet-Paris-Plage is first of all an environment, a setting. Located a few minutes from the city center, you are very close to the city center without the inconveniences. You are then located in a quiet area, between the sea and the adjacent forest. For a romantic meal, to properly extend your stay in the Pas de Calais or for a professional meeting in Le Touquet, you are well installed. Space, a dining room in the form of a rotunda, the evocative name of the Picardy which thrones at the top of the menu, all this already puts you in good dispositions for your restaurant le Touquet.

Hotel restaurant Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, a qualitative table

The Picardy menu is first of all a tribute to the region of Hauts-de-France and Picardy. It would be a shame to be just a stone's throw from the sea and large fishing ports like Boulogne sur Mer without offering fish from local fishing. The products of the earth are not forgotten either with the choice of a French meat to make your taste buds salivate. The quality of the cuisine is both a real pleasure to share and unpretentious. At the Holiday Inn le Touquet-Paris-Plage restaurant, you come to eat simply, generously and with seasonal products. You will discover how the menu changes with the seasons and your visits. The decor does not change, there remains this magnificent rotunda illuminated by the sun and in the middle of which thrones a tree, a decoration as magnificent as it is unexpected. Your hotel restaurant Le Touquet is also the snack bar where you will come to have a drink, an aperitif while enjoying the atmosphere of the room and nibbling on the snacking proposed by the menu, which also evolves with the seasons.